An account of a first lesson ref: whiplash injury and back pain.

"That first lesson was, for me, both confusing and a revelation. The preliminary verbal instruction and discussion of medical history, present injuries etc. was followed by a 20mins session 'on the table', which I can only describe as 're-positioning' - not manipulation, as I feared, nor massage, but gentle, positive and, most importantly, painless readjustments to my (un)natural semi-supine position.

I still find it quite incredible that such a gentle and non-spectacular procedure should achieve results nothing less than amazing. I left that first lesson, almost walking on air, free of pain and with mobility in both neck and back. The effect lasted all day and I slept soundly for the first time in months.

Regular lessons have resulted in permanent and complete freedom of movement in my neck and the pain in my back is minimised to the extent that I no longer need to take painkilling drugs nor avoid activities for fear of pain.

The Alexander Technique has restored my confidence and my balance. Its simplicity makes it suitable for everyone and the advantages countless."

"The Alexander Technique has restored my confidence and my balance"