About the Technique

The Alexander Technique is a fascinating method of looking at our patterns of movement whether in our professional lives or in everyday movement. We rarely give the way we move any thought, and don't realise that we repeatedly use too much effort, and keep the same patterns even if it's adding to wear and tear, and the risk of re-injury.

The Alexander Technique explores the mental and physical co-ordination in all activities, and with this awareness and understanding, far reaching changes can happen, as you begin to apply it to your daily life.

The Teacher's Role

The teacher explains, illustrates, demonstrates and conveys a new quality of movement by the contact of her hands on the pupil. This gives feedback on any previously unnoticed mental reaction to the movements intended. A freer and easier quality of moving, posture and breathing is guided by this new thinking. A teacher can show you how to make these changes. Hence, it is a lesson not a treatment. Wear comfortable clothes, you only need to take your shoes off.

S.T.A.T : The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique was established in 1958 to oversee the 3 year full-time training of teachers. Their website is at www.stat.org.uk

Another interesting website is www.alexandertechnique.com

Shella trained to teach the Alexander Technique in Totnes, Devon 1984-1987

"Our manner of use has a constant influence for good or ill upon our general functioning"


"I still find it quite incredible that such a gentle and non-spectacular procedure should achieve results nothing less than amazing"

Pupil with whiplash injury and back pain writing about her first lesson

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